·      Dress appropriately per Dress Code and come prepared

·      Don’t chew gum or bring food and/or drinks into the studio, a water bottle is ok

·      Don’t wear dance shoes outside of the studio or wear street shoes inside the studio

·      Don’t wear dangling or sharp-edged jewelry

·      Please practice proper personal hygiene

·      Please put personal belongings inside the cubbies before dance class

·      Don’t come late and if you do, please enter very quietly

·      Don’t leave early. If it is a must, talk to the teacher before class begins

·      Don’t talk while the teacher is talking

·      Completely silence and stow your cell phone

·      Respect the personal space of others

·      Respect the dance space. Pick up all trash, and take home all personal items

·      Respect one another

·      Don’t “hang” or slouch on the barres

·      Don’t sit, touch, or lean on the mirrors

·      Don’t record or photograph anything without permission

·      When wearing Cadence Dance Project apparel, remember you are representing “Dance with Purpose” and all that Cadence Dance Project stands for.


CADENCE DANCE PROJECT reserves the right to refuse service if the above conditions are not met