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Baby & Me 

Tiny Tots Ballet/Tap Combo

Mini Ballet/Tap Combo 

  • Light Pink Leotard 
  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Leather Ballet Shoes (Ex: Discount Dance Supply: Style No: 205C)
  • Black Tap Shoes (Ex: Discount Dance Supply: Style No: N625C) *Tap Shoes are not required for Baby & Me Classes 
  • Hair in a High Bun 
  • Black, White or Pink Tutu is optional
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Ballet I & Ballet II

  • Black Leotard 
  • Pink Tights 
  • Pink Leather Ballet Shoes (Ex: Discount Dance Supply: Style No: T1000C) 
  • Hair in a High Bun
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  • Burgundy Leotard 
  • Pink Tights 
  • Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes (Ex: Discount Dance Supply: Style No: S0621L) 
  • Hair in a High Bun 

JAZZ/TAP I, Jazz II/III, Tap II/III, LyricaL, Musical Theatre, & Hip HOp  

Black, White, Grey, and/or Maroon Dance Clothing Required 

Dance Shorts, Leggings, Dance Pants, Tank Tops, and/or T-Shirts 

Avoid Baggy Clothing (*Baggy Clothing is allowed for Hip Hop Only) 

No Logos on Clothing unless representing CADENCE or positive dance messages

May wear ANY article of CADENCE Merchandise (including CADENCE COLLECTION items) 

Black Tap Shoes (Ex: Discount Dance Supply: Child Sizing: Style No: DN3710G, Adult Sizing: Style No: S0321L)

Tan Jazz Shoes ( Ex: Discount Dance Supply: Style No: S0401G) 

Black, White, or Grey Sneakers for Hip Hop (Shoes should only be worn in studio, not on street) 

Pirouettes/Half Soles are ok for Lyrical/Contemporary ONLY 

Hair in a Pony Tail, Braid, or Bun